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AZ MLO 1033879
8300 Carmel NE, STE 201
Albuquerque, NM 87122
Office: (505) 364-3080
Direct: (505) 364-3157
Toll Free: (844) 416-6784

Born in Oregon and calling Texas home for most of her life, Colleen Gutierrez has found her love for New Mexico in the people she says she is "privileged to serve." Inspired by the family business of being in the mortgage industry, Colleen is spreading her wings helping people live out their home buying dreams. Colleen has a professional background in radio management, the legal field, and stays inspired by her love for children. "Being a part of families stories in this way is priceless" she says, "this job is an amazing opportunity I am glad to be a part of each day." Colleen most enjoys spending time with her husband of four years and her family, and of course traveling - particularly cruising. Colleen's genuine care and abundance in joy makes knowing Colleen the true privilege.