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Rodney Trujillo is a seasoned professional in mortgage banking concentrated in the Albuquerque area since January of 2005. With clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to professional real estate investors, many have benefited from his knowledge and advice. Backed by the University of New Mexico's BBA program, Rodney earned his degree with a concentration in finance and is still fascinated by changing market conditions, regulations, the business cycle, and how they directly affect housing and mortgage. He specializes in the local market but not limited to it and has facilitated mortgages spanning from a small island off the coast of Maine to mainland Alaska! Whether looking to obtain VA, FHA, or conventional residential financing, you will be in good hands with a mortgage professional you can trust. In the current environment, the loan process is more challenging than ever, but the reward of helping families navigate and reach their financial and personal success is the real reward! Rodney is a highly qualified guide ready to assist you through the most significant financial decision you may ever make! Give him a call today to learn more about your options.

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